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How do you know who to trust to build your family's dream home?

You go with someone who has a good reputation for providing quality work and service. Ventura Construction Corp. has been a licensed Maui general contractor since 1977. We have worked on many projects through the years, working closely with homeowners to build their custom dream homes, affordable additions and ohana (rental) units, that have, in turn, increased the overall value and equity of the home.

Ventura Construction has been owned and operated by Anthony Ventura since the beginning. For over the past thirty years, Anthony and his wife, Robin, have been working together with clients to make the imagination of their home a reality.

Now the part we are very proud of, in over thirty years of operating as a licensed contractor on the island of Maui there has never been a complaint filed against Ventura Construction Corp. Also, there has never been a lien placed against our company, and we have always operated our company in the black.

When we are billed by a subcontractor or product provider, they are paid immediately. This way, when we call them back for another job they make themselves available. We demand the highest level of work from them, and the job is not complete until we, and the homeowner, are completely satisfied. We have found that prompt payment is the best form of appreciation you can show a subcontractor.

Ventura Construction Corporation is the home builder and Maui general contractor to trust to build your family's dream home.