remodeling homes and condos

Remodeling Showcase

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Ventura Construction Corporation takes great pride in remodeling homes and condominiums. We are pleased to share with you a sampling of our home and condo remodeling projects. As you view the photos please take note of our workmanship and attention to the tiniest of details. Perhaps these photos will inspire you in imagining your home or condo being remodeled.

Click on any of the images to the right. Each one opens up into a mini-slideshow with images of that particular custom home project.

If you should have any questions or want more information about our custom home projects, feel free to contact us.

Remodel of an ocean-front Makena condo
Remodel of an Upcountry home in Olinda, Maui
Remodel of a condominium located in Wailea, Maui
Kitchen remodel for a home located in Kihei Keonekai